GPO 121 with early daffodil head and early No10 dial.

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This is an early GPO 121 that has been sympathetically restored.

This one has a daffodil head and early solid copper finger dial and enamel face No10 dial.
Loved restoring this GPO 121 wooden wall telephone. I have kept it as original as possible and made a point of not rubbing out any slight scratches in the woodwork. As you can see it has a fabulous patina. I have avoided plating any parts on this one and as you can see the bells, earpiece hook and back of the daffodil head have remained as found with just a wax and buff. This one would date from the late 1920s and I have kept the internal wiring original other than the wires to the microphone that had degraded and the leads to the dial. I have replaced the original microphone internals for an electric one as I want this to be able to be used to a near modern standard. These are hard to find in this original condition now and so I really enjoy getting my hands on them to sympathetically restore back to a perfectly usable telephone. Unbelievably this is nearly 90 years old and can be used in just the same way as when new. The dial label is an original one. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge. on checkout.