GPO 248L switching Bakelite telephone

Very unusual modification.SOLD
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GPO 248L switching Bakelite telephone

A real statement telephone. Bell On Bell Off and green flashing light.

A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at £40 click box on check out.


  • Description
Fitted with a double gong bell.

This is a wonderful GPO telephone. Amazingly with the size of the base it originally had no bell fitted due to the complexity of the internal wiring and switching gear. I have stripped the base out and fitted a mechanical double gong ringer and made it operate with the switch to the front. I have also fitted a green light to enable the operator to see when you have an in coming call. It has a genuine GPO No12 alpha numeric dial. This telephone has been stripped down and re built after each part has been cleaned and polished. I have fitted a very best quality hand plaited braided handset cord, a quality black plastic line in cord made by me and an electronic microphone to allow perfect modern speech quality. This modification takes a lot of time and effort but I think it makes it a very useful usable telephone again and using the switching lever at the front. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge. 

See this video to show how it works.