Black ITI repro as found 200 series copy.

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Use this to learne how to spot a fake.


This as you can see is not cleaned and in as found condition. I have made sure it is fully working and added 4T receiver and electronic microphone. It has a GPO No21a plastic dial from a 700 series telephone. when you dial it tinkles the internal bell and the cords are OK but not great. This would be ideal to use as cheap Bakelite telephone or someone that wants to study how to spot a fake. These were made in red and green and command between £250 an £350 but don't get caught out if looking for the real thing. The internals are from a 746 and the sound quality is very good. No lifetime warranty on this so buy if you want to clean it up and enjoy. I can fit a dial label with your information at no extra charge.