Ericsson 300 series type with side generator handle

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Ericsson 300 series type with side generator handle

A beautiful unusual model with working generator handle.


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Fitted with a pulse to tone unit and so will work on any telephone network including Voip.

This telephone is quite a statement piece as you can see. the handset oval is marked ETL. It has been totally stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. I am not an expert on these telephones but imagine they were used on railways between signal boxes etc. This one was used by a mining company in 1949 as you can see form the plaque riveted to to the rear as you can see in the last picture. The internal wiring was very complex and believe it may have been used in conjunction with a battery system and so it has been totally stripped out and re wired with a pulse to tone unit to allow it to work perfectly on any modern telephone provider including Voip. I have fitted a small bell and wired it to the generator to allow it to ring when the handle is turned as a bit of fun. As you can see it it in great condition and has been fitted with a very best quality black hand plaited braided handset cord, an electronic microphone and a quality D shaped plastic line in cord made be me. A huge amount of work has gone into this telephone and I must say was very enjoyable. The dial is a genuine GPO No12 with stainless steel finger dial with alpha numeric dial face. I can make a dial label with information at no extra charge.