Genuine GPO 121F dated 1927

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Genuine GPO 121F dated 1927

Fabulous condition with a light touch restoration.


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Has never been back to refurbishment and so still has original rare daffodil transmitter head and solid copper finger dial.

This is a beautiful example of a GPO No121F dated 1927. I have had a most enjoyable couple of days restoring this telephone back to its former glory. To be honest it is was all in great shape for 91 year's years old. Back in the 1930s nearly all of these were modernised with the Bakelite transmitter and a stainless steel finger dial and internal wiring of the day. This one still retains its original dial which is marked 1924 No8 and crossed through No10 and solid copper finger dial. All the parts have been removed from the external woodwork and cleaned and waxed. None of the metal parts have been re finished and so has the original patina and some signs of use. I have changed the transmitter for an electronic one due to the fact I want it to work to modern standards. Amazingly the 91 year old transmitters work well enough to enable me to keep them in circuit. The woodwork has been cleaned and a few coats of French polish and a good waxing. this allows it to keep its original light usage marks and not over polished. The wiring has been kept all original and I have wired it up to eliminate the ring capacitor and brought the power consumption to one ren. I can convert this to pulse to tone but will have to bypass the original wiring leaving it in place but using all new. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.