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Very nice old Ivory telephone. Fitted with a pulse to tone unit and so will work on any Telephone network including Voip. Similar but not a 300 series telephone.


Lovely sounding double gong ring tone.

Although this telephone was fabulous externally it had some internal parts missing. I fell in love with this beautiful little telephone and so decided to spend more time than its worth to get it fully working. it has a wonderful plaque to the front "The Property Of THE BRITISH HOME & OFFICE TELEPHONE Co Ltd Autophone House 73 GT Peter Street, London S.W.1 telephone abbey 4242 private branch exch." I have replaced the internals and the dial for a genuine GPO No 10 with an alpha numeric dial face and stainless steel finger dialler. It has been fitted with a very best quality hand plaited ivory braided handset cord, a GPO specification round plastic line in cord, a 1950s receiver capsule and an electronic microphone. The internals have been replaced with a pulse to tone unit and so will now work on any telephone system including Voip. I hope this goes to a good home and falls in love with this rare and unusual telephone. I can fit a dial label with your information at no extra charge.