Rare ships admiralty telephone

SOLD As good as you will find.
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New old stock telephone


Wonderful original condition.

I have had this model before but this one is as good as they come. I don't believe it was ever used and must have been tucked away in cupboard all its life. This one has the fixing plate which I have never had on any before. The seller told me it was his fathers and he had taken it from a ship he served on. I have taken it apart to photograph and all the cleaning I have done is with a clean dry paint brush to dust it out a little. The cords have the labels still on them and although I don't like using the word mint this is as good as you will ever find. I did put a 3.3K resistor place of a link to allow it to ring correctly. I have made no other modifications and connected a line in cord to the original braided line in cord and it dials out and receives perfectly. The ringer sound is unusual but working perfectly with a black GPO BT20/4 and line in. This would suit a collector that wants it to work. Be aware that the braided cords are rubber inside and have not perished. This is unusual which is why I was able to use them. However in time these may perish.