GPO 1/226L with drawer, extra earpiece and volume control.

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Bought over twenty year ago but never got round to restring for my collection.


Very rare un-restord rare GPO 1/226. NOT WORKING

This is just as I bought it many years ago. Just given it a dust off and very light wipe over as you can see. Still quite dirty but in great condition and should restore to a fabulous condition if required. This is a great chance to own a very rare un-restored GPO 1/226L with mirror drawer, extra ear piece hanging to the rear form a volume control. I bough this around twenty years ago for myself and never got around to restoring it. If you like to restore for yourself or want to keep it as found this is a great opportunity to buy a very rare telephone. I have never had another that I can recall. Note the very heavy duty line in cord in great condition. The earpiece has a lovely two way cord covered in a braided sheath. This is not attached and so may have been an addition although the original would have been identical. Note the beautiful rare enamel faced No12L dial face in  in wonderful condition. The handset is correct and is a GPO No184 43 and so war time. Note the feet are original but are perished. I would recommend purchasing an original dial label but I can supply a dial label with your information at no extra charge.

    If you want it restored and working please read carefully. I can restore it but it will loose some of its originality.

I would fit a very best quality braided handset cord, new rubber feet, a best quality D shaped plastic line and an electronic microphone. I would remove the large 9 way line in. It would be wired to work perfectly and can fit a small removable internal bell. I cannot wire the volume control to work but both ear pieces would work. The internals may not stay original to this model.I can also fit a pulse to tone unit with some major differences to original but would then work on any network and Voip systems. This would of course include total strip down and rebuild after each part has been cleaned and polished. The metal painted volume control would not be re painted but just thoroughly cleaned. Extra £100