GPO daffodil head 150F with GPO No 1A bell set. Voip Enabled

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This will work on any telephone network including Voip and TalkTalk.

Fitted with a pulse to tone unit.

Comes with Bell Set No1A 1929


Will work on any telephone network including Voip and TalkTalk

This is a great early candlestick telephone. It originally started life at the GPO as a GPO No2 without a dial and and was later upgraded to a dial model later in its life. Quite rare to find them with the early daffodil transmitter heads as they were usually changed when upgraded to the next customer. This one has a genuine GPO No10 enamel faced figure dial with stainless steel finger dial. I wanted to keep this one externally as original I got it and so all the cords are original including the earpiece and two four way cords to the telephone 43 inches from the connector block and 63 inches to the bell set. The black plaited brass fitting have some pitting and I have cleaned, hand polished and waxed. They look great but not perfect and so please see the pictures. The paint on the telephone was good but had a few rusty areas and so I have given it a light rub down and re painted but still retains some of the original imperfect finish. These were often just blown over at the factory for the next customer. See the last picture to show what I mean in case your were expecting perfection. I could have had this stripped and powder coated but want to keep my restorations as far as possible in house to try to keep the costs down and so the price. I have fitted this one with a pulse to tone unit to allow it to be used on any network including Voip systems. This also has the benefit of being able to wire it to any external bell set with out the original speech coils. This actually gives better modern sound quality and future proofs in case pulse recognition is ever switched off from telephone providers. The bell set fitted is a lovely GPo No1A dated 1929 and as you can see is wonderful. It has had three small holes plugged at the factory if you look very closely but it is part of its history and part of the point of owning lovely old pieces of British history. The ear piece is all original 1920s and the original coating is good. This telephone has a genuine original hard to find period dial label in almost perfect condition. I can fit a dial label with your information at no extra charge.