Genuine Bush DAC 90 Bluetooth enabled

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Genuine 1950s Bakelite radio restored to look as new and work to modern standards using Bluetooth technology.

This prototype has been reserved. Please Email me if you want one reserved with no obligation to buy. Full pictures will be supplied before payment. No delivery time has been set yet.

New project under construction.

This is a project that has been in my head for many years. I decided to take the plunge and see if anyone else would like to use a genuine 1950s radio to play all your online music or radio 2 etc through a free phone app etc. OK I can hear all the purists out there saying he is destroying a collectable radio from being restored using the valves. It is something that would concern me to some extent but I have decided where ever possible to keep the internals intact and in place. They will not be restored but will be cleaned and I will work around them. They may be good or may be shot but whatever they had will be in place. One exception will be the speaker which I can supply to the purchaser if they want it. Although I am aware I could use the original speaker I feel that not using a stereo system will be detrimental to its use. Not because having two speakers would give you great stereo as it obviously would not as they would be so close together. But because modern music is recorded in stereo and you simply would miss one half of the recording and so may even miss the backing or percussion etc. It will be supplied with a wall mounted power supply and hope to have the on off switch on the radio operational along with back lighting for the tuner display.

            Anyway my aim is to use quality components and a well restored case to produce a good quality bluetooth radio. This is just spelling out my aims but when I actually start working on them I may find I have to make compromises in originality but will keep you informed. I aim to try to buy this model in as good condition as possible and may find it is not possible get them at a price to make this viable. Please Email me if you would like to pre order one. You will be under no obligation to buy once ready but it will give me an idea if its a project worth pursuing.