GPO Red Payphone

    Delivery time:5-7 Days
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This is fully wired up to work without coins.


Very sought after and rare to find in this condition.

This may well go to a props company as these are hard to find. This one is in great condition with only a few minor chips and scratches. The lock mechanism has been removed and so no need for keys. The coin mechanism is still in place and and all seems to be original. Even has the original thicker handset cord. It has a GPO No21a electronic microphone. I have simply hand cleaned it and given it a general wipe over and not a total strip down clean and polish. Note please expect to do some deep cleaning if required. Wired up to work perfectly to dial out and receive on a BT line. If you want it to be VOIP enabled with a pulse to tone unit I can do this but it may mean modifying the internals a little from original. I cannot make it work with coins and so please don't ask. This has a great original loud internal bell and works a treat. This can be sat on a table top against a wall without the need to screw to it. You may want to tweak the front to the mechanism as it locates well enough for me but not clicking quite into full lock down position.  I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.