Rare ATM telephone

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Rare ATM telephone

This is a rare collectors telephone used on the Kingston Hull independent telephone service.

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Highly sought after collectors telephones

This is a very nice example of this model telephone. Other similar telephones exist but what makes it special is the metal plaque under the handset. This one has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. I have fitted new best quality hand plaited cords to the handset and line in. The line in is attached via a BT20/4 connection block to a plastic cord with a UK telephone plug socket. I have changed the microphone to an electronic model but left the original 1P receiver unit and ear cap. This telephone had no bell and would have been used in conjunction with wall mounted bell. The transmission is perfect but the incoming sound is very low and so I would not recommend its use. I don't want to make it work better in far of destroying its originality.