Genuine GPO 221 wooden wall telephone

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Genuine GPO 221 wooden wall telephone

Quite rare to find these now as most were changed back into a GPO 121. This very reasonably priced and will go to a collector very quickly.


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A rare GPO 221 in great original condition

This is a very nice example of a GPO 221 wooden wall telephone. This model was as far as I know always made from converting either a GPO 121 or in the case a rare 101. Originally started life as a GPO 101 and built in 1921 and later modernised by the GPO to a GPO 221 for use with a Bakelite handset 184 model. As you can see the original screw holes that held the transmitter on can be seen faintly an in later models these were painted black to eliminate any signs of what it was. The dial is a GPO No10 with black finger wheel, enamel number face and I believe this was what it was fitted with when converted to a 221. This is a lovely example and has not been stripped by me and just waxed and cleaned. In back I have left a few tiny paint spots on it to prevent the patina being damaged. I have fitted it with a very best quality brown braided handset cord, an electronic microphone and a best quality black plastic D shaped line in cord with a UK telephone plug socket.