GPO No 16 post 1912.

A collectors Icon SOLD
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This is an iconic GPO telephone and was in use for many years. Designed by Ericsson in 1895 and in use for many years by National Telephone Company and the GPO post 1912. SOLD

Very rare to find in this complete and un molested condition.

This is a real collectors item and a genuine Antique. This is a wonderful example of this telephone and is on the front cover of the Shires telephone booklet written by the great Andrew Emerson. These are not that uncommon and do turn up quite regularly but very hard to find in this as found complete condition. I have had the chance to buy many in my time but always avoided because they were too expensive and incomplete. This is your chance to add a collectors icon to your collection and save you the time and trouble looking for one with no parts missing. This is a collectors telephone and is not wired to work. Because of the age it is not possible to make it work on the modern system satisfactory without making modifications that would de value it. So please be aware that this is a non working collectors piece and not sold as working. Take a look at the quality pictures to asses the condition for yourself. It has some paint missing a crack in the handset switch lever and some pitting to the the plaited parts but really very good condition.