Batch of early 706L telephones bought in.

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Batch of early 706L telephones bought in.

Fabulous collection of early 706L telephones.


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GPO stores manger had the pick of the best.

GPO Stores managers stash.

Its not often I get my hands on a collection of such nice original GPO telephones. He was in charge of a stores and when the GPO was clearing out their telephones that were coming in from upgrades he had the pick of the very best. He inspected them and only kept the very best examples and they have been stored in these plastic bags ever since. The ABS versions will be sold un-restored  but tested as working and checked for any damage before being sent out as is. It will be up to you to clean polish and ad a modern line in plug and electronic microphone and if you require the parts I can supply them at extra cost. They will be priced at £55 for red and all other colours £50.


Stash saved from landfill many years ago.

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As you know Diakon are very rare to find and so often chipped cracked or broken and so are priced at £85 for all colours other than Blue and yellow at £125. All these telephones come with genuine colour matched dials. Probably only two blue and so if interested Email me with your wants and I will work on a first come first served pre order basis. all these ABS and Diakon come with a 14 day money back guarantee basis only as I have not restored them or added line in  cords or microphones but will be tested as working. You will be asked to confirm in an Email that you are happy with these terms before purchase. P+P will be £10 for up to 8 or collection is free strickly by appointment only.

Stash of early 706L telephones