Genuine US PayPhone

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Made by the Automatic Electric Company in the USA


This is a fabulous find and has not been restored but simply converted to work in the UK. The coin mechanism has been set to allow it to be used without the need for coins. If you put coins in the slots they fall through to the the reject coin return and make a lovely ding sound. The twenty five cents makes a deep dong sound and the 10 cent a double higher pitch ding. The telephone works to both dial out and receive calls perfectly. As you can see it is in wonderful condition and I was told it was still boxed when the previous owner bought it. It was simply used as a display item but I have converted it to use. It is very heavy and will need to be mounted to a good solid wall. The dial cannot have a label fitted. It is all original inside and out and included keys for both the main body and the cash box to the base. It has its original cash box inside. Not sure as to the date but may have been factory updated at some time. A very rare find and not to be missed if you like this sort of thing. It had no bell as I assume was not meant to receive calls and so a bell has been fitted inside. This will not be here for long as when I get nice coin boxes they always sell quickly.


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