Western Electric PayPhone 1950s

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Western Electric PayPhone 1950s

This is the real thing and a very rare item


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This is a very rare find and I have only had a couple of these in my time. Note the enamel outside dial ring. This telephone has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. It has its coin mechanism and will work perfectly to dial out and receive. The coin mechanism although in place will need to be tweeked by you if required to allow coins to fall through to coin box or returns. No coins are needed to operate and it will work as a normal telephone. It has its original internals which work perfectly to dial out and receive and has its own internal bell.  As you can see the externals are beautiful and all chromed. The coin box front plate has a key and the front part of the telephone lock can be turned with a screwdriver. A rare telephone to find in this country all working. This is not a reproduction but the real thing.