Western Electric three slot pay phone

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Western Electric three slot pay phone

This is a wonderful item.


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As you can see this is a very nice item. It was made in the US using some original parts and some reproduced parts many of which were made by the company's that produced the originals. This is a copy of the early side bell receiver with front mounted transmitter. It is very heavy and and made from metal. It has a proper genuine dial and the internals have been made with a coin shoot to allow you to use coins in the slots. The coins ding a bell as the fall through to the box in the bottom. It works just as a normal telephone and will not need coins to operate. To buy these in America and have them shipped over costs a fortune in postage and duties and so this is a great chance to buy one here in the UK fully converted to work on the UK telephone system and ready to plug in and go. It is is perfect condition and ready to hang on the wall, plug in and go.

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