Clear GPO 232 and bell set No26

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This is a replica produced by Ray Kotke in the US.

Note this is not being sold by Antique Telephones and all correspondence must be completed to your satisfaction with him only..

Please contact the seller Martin Barnett 020 8467 3743 



This is a very high specification replica of this iconic GPO model. The process to manufacture the resin parts are very difficult to manufacture and only one person in the world has ever taken on this endeavour. This was manufactured around 5 years ago and only a handful were ever made. They took a number of years to be delivered after ordering with money up front. The parts were all taken from a genuine Bakelite 232 models from the 1930s. The braided cords were custom made and are a work of art. This has not been wired up to work but can be sold as fully working if required. The dial label is a copy of a genuine example. Please note that some of the resin parts have an aged yellow tone. The bell set comes with this sale and is as you can see a lovely example made from the same resin material. The spare 162 cradle, 1930s line in block and spare body can be purchased at an extra charge if required.

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