Western Electric PayPhone 1950s

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Western Electric PayPhone 1950s

This is the real thing and a very rare item


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This is a very rare find and I have only had a couple of these in my time. Note the enamel outside dial ring and all metal dial. This telephone has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. It has no coin mechanism and so will work perfectly to dial out and receive. It has been fitted with a 1950s GPO speech coil, an electronic microphone to enable perfect working on the UK telephone system. It has been fitted with a GPO double gong bell and sounds wonderful. As you can see the externals are beautiful and all chromed. The coin box cover has some loss of chrome and has been touched in. It has no key and is locked and so the top cover has been modified to allow the case to be removed for fitting to a wall. I have spend 3 days and lots of GPO parts to get this to this condition.

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