Rare Mustard Diakon 706L 1960

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This is a wonderful collectors model


This one is a very hard item to find. Diakon was only used in the early years of the 60s models until around 1963 but few survive as most 706 telephone were refurnished in their lifetime and would have been fitted with a new ABS case. These mustard models were not popular and so are quite rare to find. This one is un-faded and still retains its original outside dial ring and finger dial. Mustard telephones were prone to discolour and so to find one in this condition in Diakon is very unusual. If rarity meant value this would be very much more expensive and so if a collector this is a must have item and can only go up in value in the future. Fully working to plug in and has an electronic microphone 21A fitted. I have kept the original line in and block which I will include in the sale.

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