Red GPO 1/232L with drawer on a No26 bell set.

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Once this is gone it may be years before I have another if at all. This is very good value.


If you are looking for the best example available then this must be it. The telephone is as good as you will ever find with no damage fading or repairs. It has the original line in and handset cord with only minimal colour fade and no fraying etc. It has a genuine BT 20 red terminal block and is wired to work. The bell set is not original but is a perfect copy and only a very small number have ever been made due to some mould marks where the plastic is injected and some small flow lines to the top. This is only minor and totally hidden under the telephone. The colour is very slight shade different but even my pictures cannot show the tiny variation.
To recap the telephone part is perfect with no damage colour fade or repairs and the base that cannot be seen is also perfect including colour shade. The cords are genuine and have some sun fade but no fraying and are working perfectly.  The line in has some white paint splashes.
I have stripped the telephone down and rebuilt it after cleaning and polishing each part. I have fitted an electronic microphone and the telephone has been fully tested to both dial out and receive perfectly. The internals of both the telephone and bell set are totally original and have been wired up to work perfectly. The handset and base are both marked 1956. The dial face has been upgraded at some time in its life as it was a figure.

Markings on the base are 1/232F S56/2 and on the handset it is marked 164 56.

This telephone will work on all networks except a small minority of Virgin Media.  If you are with Virgin Media please contact them to find out if you are able to use Pulse Dialling. If not it will still receive calls perfectly and you can dial out using your digital telephone and then picking up the receiver and turning your digital off.
I can supply a dial label with your own information at no extra cost.

Postage and packing is £20 to any UK address.

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