Pulse to Tone Conversion

This is a very popular addition. Since introducing this as an option many customers are having it fitted when buying a telephone.

It will allow a telephone to be used on networks that do not support pulse dialling including many VOIP systems. If ever your exchange switches off pulse dialling in the future it will still be able to be used and thus future proofing it.

BT and others have said they will be moving all customers over to the new system by 2025 and so if you want to continue to dial out then this unit will be essential. It will continue to work as an answer only telephone perfectly without this unit.

I can convert most telephones to tone dialling. All telephones that I can offer this service for are marked in the listing and an option on the checkout can be enabled. If you dont see this option it maens the internals will be heavily modified from original and may cost more to fit. Just ask if you want one but not listed. The price is £40 to fit this before dispatch. This will enable the telephone to be used on any network that cannot read the dial pulses. The fitting of this unit will not damage the original internal parts and works alongside them. This unit can be removed at a later date without any signs of it ever having been fitted. This unit does not use the dial to chassis loom and so a replacement will need to be bought. I can supply the original if you ask at the time of fitting. Allow up to 14 days to allow it to be fitted and tested although in most cases can be done in just a few days.

This is an amazing addition to a telephone. It can bring your telephone right up to date without spoiling the look or mechanics at all. It will allow dialling to made using your original dial and has lots of additional facilities other than just converting to tone. It allows the * and # to be used along with redialling the last number and storing up to seven numbers. Unbelievably it is all done using your original dial. It is very simple to operate and to enable * and # is done by dialling the one or two and holding at the finger stop until an audible pip is heard in the ear and then letting go.

I have been fitting this now for a number of years and found it to be a very trouble free unit and with exceptional reliability.