Shipping worldwide.

Yes I ship to Australia and US. Please read the terms carefully.

I sell a lot of telephones and spares to Australia but obviously shipping charges will be greater. The shipping for a 200 or 300 is around £55 using UPS air and usually around 4 days. This is fully tracked but insurance is very expensive and so this is not quoted as it is just too expensive. I pack very well and have sent thousands of telephones in the UK and many international and never had any lost or damaged. As far as working in other countries you will have to make sure they will work on your countries exchange. Australia seam to work perfectly but I have to supply a UK to RJ11 converter with ring capacitor to allow the ringer to work on your system. This is £10. They are fully tested to work perfectly in the UK and so should be only a minor adjustment from a telephone engineer if by chance it wont work. I cannot offer any guarantee as shipping back and forth would be more than the value of the telephones profit. However I will try to help by Email or telephone as much as I can.

Spare parts can be sent very cheaply and so long as not heavy I can usually send for the same as to the UK using small packet post.