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Have your own telephone restored

Restore your own family piece of history restored and working perfectly.

Have your own vintage telephone restored.


Call to make an appointment for a firm quote including any replacement parts if needed. This is a very popular service but I can usually restore them within 14 days of drop off but often faster. I am very often booked up so please try to arrange in advance of wanting to come round.  07980 354508     0208 2900539 Please note that I restore to my own own wiring methods. If you want it to be as per GPO etc or done in your way please go elsewhere. I have done many thousands of telephones to perfect working standards and will not be dictated to by others. Screws or parts that are not now needed may be removed. 200 series bell boxes and others will have capacitors that may leak and am told could be carcinogenic. They are not needed in the circuit and could be a danger to your health. If you want any parts removed and kept you must make it quite clear in the order.


The cost of postage, packing and sending them back is just so time consuming it makes the work carried out non-viable.

Due to the Coronavius we are no longer having customers coming to us for conversion.

This will be great news for some of you and not for others, but due to having a family member in the at risk category we have no option but to keep them safe.

Our new policy will be to only accept restorations by post until further notice.

This is how it will work. A minimum charge is £100 plus £16 postage and packing, to make it worth our while posting packing and sending back. You can choose to have a simple conversion done but bear in mind the minimum charge. You will be billed by card link, PayPal, or Bank Transfer. Any non payment we will keep the telephone for one month, after the due date and then sell the item to recover our costs and storage.

To continue please follow this link for full details of this service and terms and conditions. Once you have read and agreed the Terms click on the P+P below to purchase the return postage and send your telephone.


CONVERT FOR MODERN USE (basic conversion)

This can be done while you wait. Allow at least an hour.

             This assumes all parts are good and nothing needs replacing.

A quote should be sought before any work is carried out. Please note that if you are on a TalkTalk service I would strongly recommend having a Pulse to Tone unit fitted. These are £40 fitted and tested and are a very good and reliable unit. It will allow a dial telephone to work on any network including most VOIP systems and should also future proof against telephone companies that may switch off the pulse service off at some point.


·        Remove all old wiring and fit a new quality plastic PSTN cord correctly. This now may include a ring capacitor and an RJ11 plug to go into the back of your modem or Voip box.

·        Remove the dial, clean the contacts, oil the movement and set it running at the correct speed.

·        Fit an electronic microphone. I use a foam backing and remove the existing carbon microphone and horseshoe clip. Sometimes the microphone pin may be removed or the microphone rear may be drilled to allow location to it.

·        Make sure the bells are positioned correctly and the striker has the correct movement.

·        Connect it to special test equipment and make sure all is OK.

·        Test on the system to make sure it is also working perfectly.

700 series £30

200 series £40 with bell-set £45

300 series is £40

Once this is complete it can be plugged in to a standard UK telephone socket and will work perfectly to dial out and receive perfectly at one Ren which is the same ringer power consumption as a modern telephone. Any parts that need to be replaced are extra but will quoted in advance of starting. No external cleaning at all is is carried out and this is a budget service to allow me to do the technical stuff and you do the cleaning.

          FULL RESTORATION TO THE BEST CONDITION POSSIBLE WITH THE TELEPHONE SUPPLIED. (This will include the basic conversion as stated above)

Note any parts that need to be replaced are charged on top of this price and will be quoted before work starts. This is one reason I only restore if brought to me in person. No one likes a costly surprise and so I can discuss any cracks and chips before hand so that you can replace the parts or not.

o       The telephone is stripped down to its component parts.

o       The telephone is then rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished.

o       Any parts are replaced that are not working or damaged and pre-quoted.

o       It is fitted with a dial label with your information and if fitted with a drawer an dial information card is added.

o       The telephone is then tested as above and the telephone is guaranteed for a year against any mechanical faults or electrical faults under normal working conditions. (Not worn or damaged cords)

A very good quality plastic line in cord with a UK telephone plug socket is fitted and included in the prices stated.

700 series £50

Trimphone button or dial £50

200 series £75

200 series fitting small internal bell inside. Not very loud, but ideal for a bedroom telephone £85

200 series with bell-set £100

300 series is £75

If a braided handset cord is required ad £20 to the price.




Return Postage and Packing for your restoration

Please only buy this once you have filled out the form and clicked you have read and agreed the terms and conditions. The charge is £16.