Red GPO 312L with drawer restoration.

This is a short video showing all the components before and and after being cleaned and polished before being reassembled to a fully working telephone. As you can see a lot of work and know how goes into the restoration of these beautiful old telephones. We don't just give them a quick wipe over as is common with many other sellers.

GPO 706L 1959 two tone green collectors piece.

Very rare Diakon two tone green 706F dated 1959. The transmitter and receiver are both dated 1959. The Ring capacitor is also dated 1959. Note the feet and curly cord are different to later examples and it is fitted with a GPO No 12F dial. This is just as I bought and and has not been cleaned. Someone added a modern lead but has not messed with it otherwise. A collectors piece and I will convert and make sure it is working but will not change any parts. The outside dial ring has some paint loss under the clear plastic. I don't know why it has a figure dial face and an alpha outside dial ring but have left as is in case this was the norm. I can change if preferred. Very rare to find Diakon with no splits cracks chips or fading. A genuine collectors piece.

How to change your GPO dial label

This is one of the most asked questions and as you can see it is very easy once you know how.

Electronic microphone Antique Telephones

Removing the mouth piece and changing the microphone over.


GPO 150 pulse to tone Antique Telephones

Genuine GPO No150 telephone. As you can see it is a beautiful example and has been fitted internally with a pulse to tone unit enabling it to be used on any network with a plug in bell set rather than needing a wooden wall bell set.

Bush DAC90 fitted with a quality bluetooth stereo amp

This is a project I have been meaning to do for many years. I have been collecting and restoring Antique telephone for over 25 now and have always loved old radios.  Firstly I wanted to bring life back into these lovely 1950s items so that they can be used as an everyday item. I don't want to destroy these for future generations and so I have picked a very common 1950s Bush DAC90. I have had to remove the speaker and and left everything else in place for a collector in 50 years time that may want to restore back to its original state. I will be offering to supply the speaker and with the sale at no extra charge. Nothing else needs to be removed or replaced. The original internals are not used and not tested and so no pat testing is required as it will now be working through a modern high quality bluetooth amplifier. When it is turned on the tuning display is lit up just as it would have originally. The radio then goes in to automatic pairing mode and you simply go into your device settings and turn on bluetooth and pick the bluetooth amp and pair. A green light at the back tells you when this is in pairing mode or connected along with an audible beep. Once paired you can play all your apple music or use radio apps to play say Radio 2 etc. The sound quality is very good using good quality German speakers. These are being restored to order from my web site at £295 plus £15 P+P and as you can see I have been polishing and restoring Bakelite items for over 25 years.