Genuine Dial Labels

These are very rare to find in usable condition. I have a collection of of over one hundred for sale. Each one is genuine and from the period and so please check the condition of each one before you buy. They are never perfect and some much better than others. I have photographed each one so that you can make your own mind up and so I don't have to give a condition report. It takes long enough to simply photograph crop re size and up load. I have priced them all the same at £5 each. Obviously the information is personal to you and so a poor condition one from where you were born may be better than a good condition one from else where. 

Genuine dial lables for sale

 I am sorry but the postage is a minimum of £4.5 signed for on this site and so to get better value you may want to buy a few or add them when ordering other items. The water mark and Sample is added to stop copies being made and will not be on the dial label when bought.

accrington 32220

allerton 1586

allerton 3232

arrowebrook 5086

baillies mills 638349

borth 437

brent knoll 26416

bromborough 2641

bury 3085

cheltenham 23061

chorley 3255

coleshill 2118

collyhurst 1430

corby 2042

coventry 69303

dalchreichart 241

dartford 23038

dean 6221

deangate 3865-6

derby 23543

dervock 41388

doncaster 49049

east stour 838 410 0747

ecclesfield 3488

edgbaston 4888