Collectors telephones

7 days a week 8.30am to 8.00pm. All restored telephones come with our lifetime ownership guarantee See terms and conditions for full details.

We are located within the M25 in Bromley, South London. If you want to purchase a telephone online and collect this is possible strictly by appointment only.


Rare ATM telephone

This is a rare collectors telephone used on the Kingston Hull independent telephone service.

Reserved Ian


GPO Red Payphone

This is fully wired up to work without coins.


For sale at

Rare Green Bakelite telephone 1933

This is believed to be unique in green and was made in the UK 1933. 

Contact Andrew Bishop at 

07775 727885

A collectors Icon

GPO No 16 post 1912.

This is an iconic GPO telephone and was in use for many years. Designed by Ericsson in 1895 and in use for many years by National Telephone Company and the GPO post 1912.

GPO No121 with GPO No10 enamel faced dial

This one has just a very light restoration and so shows some knocks and usage marks to the wood over its 90 odd years.


Red GPO 162 on bell set No25 1934

In 20 years of dealing and collecting I have never had one. Sold as non working collectors telephone.

This is now being resin repaired. I have one person for first refusal on the telephone without the bellset. Please contact me if you want the bell set at £785.

Miniature Ericsson wall telephone

Early 1900s Ericsson wall telephone.


Siemens Mottled Burgundy 1934

Mottled red brown


Ericsson N2100 telephone Circa 1901

This is as found and has just been dusted down by me with a soft paint brush.