Being sold at a very reasonable price for a quick sale.

Copper Belgium telephone

These copper Belgium models are quite hard to find sought after.


A collectors Icon

GPO No 16 post 1912.

This is an iconic GPO telephone and was in use for many years. Designed by Ericsson in 1895 and in use for many years by National Telephone Company and the GPO post 1912.

Batch of early 706L telephones bought in.

Fabulous collection of early 706L telephones.

chatburn 427

GPO wooden bellset originally dated 1924

This is a nice wooden GPO bellbox 1924

Ivory BT Genie telephone

Collectible of the future. Very kitsch. Please don't let this go to landfill.  



Siemens Black pyramid with thinner bell set

This is a beautiful model. I rarely get these in now although always searching.

A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at £40 click box on check out


Pair of Art Deco lamps with chrome domes

A wonderful pair of Art Deco black and chrome table lamps.

Height: 21”; Base width: 6”; Shade width: 14.5”

Very rare pink Type 182 Monophone

Rare to find in the UK. American Automatic Electric. The only one I have had I 25 years and so if you like it don't hesitate.

Ericsson N2100 telephone Circa 1901

This is as found and has just been dusted down by me with a soft paint brush.

Rare genuine GPO150 daffodil transmitter and No1 Bell Box

I bought a pair of these that were wired together and never been Re furbished. This is for one telephone and Bell Box.

Very rare light green Bakelite 300 series telephone

Made in the late 1950s early 1960s


Siemens Bakelite wall telephone

I very well priced telephone.

A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at £40 click box on check out.


GPO No 150 Candlestick Telephone

This one is fitted with a pulse to tone unit. Will work on any telephone network including VOIP.


Enamel Telephone sign C1940s

This is an Enamel sign I believe from Bulgaria

New GPO Candlestick base rubber.

GPO Candlestick base rubber to protect your furniture.

Red GPO 1/232 with drawer on Bell Set No 26

This is a genuine telephone and bell set dated 1955 on the handset and 1956 on the base.

A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at £40 click box on check out.


Modified Ericsson KTAS 1914

This was an early Ericsson model and modified much later to work with a dial and fitted with a more modern handset.

Candlestick ear cap.

A very hard part to find. Take a look at the picture to see how wonderful they are.


New section added

As found un-restored items. See in left menu to view to brows and buy.

Pair of Art Deco chrome with flame shaped glass shades.

Stunning pair of Art Deco flame and chrome lamps.

Height: 16”; Base width: 4.875”; Shade width: 5”.

One Art Deco chrome ballerina chrome lamp.

Beautiful elegant ballerina chrome desk lamp.

Height: 17”; Base width: 5”; Shade width: 6"

Single white and chrome Art Deco lamp.

Single white and chrome Art Deco lamp.

Height: 16”; Base width: 5”; Shade width: 5”

Single butterscotch and chrome Art Deco lamp.

Single butterscotch and chrome Art Deco lamp.

Height: 20”; Base width: 4.75”; Shade width: 6”.

Mottled Brown ear cap.

No damage as you can see. Just a few minor scratches but could be polished to perfection.