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Black GPO 232 NO drawer. VOIP Enabled

Fitted with a pulse to tone unit to allow it to work on any land line network and Voip system.








Black GPO 328F Drawer blanking plate

This is a very nice GPO 328F with no drawer. It is fitted with a new system one button bell on bell off. It has a few minor issues along with no drawer and a couple if minor chips and a figure dial.

A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at £40 click box on checkout.




Red GPO 162 with a GPO No25 Bell Set.

This is a very rare telephone to find. The Bakelite dial is one of the most sought after parts for a telephone collector and commands quite a lot of the value of this telephone. PS I will not split or take any offers as I love it on my shelf. Thanks to all the collectors that have made great offers.



Very rare No3 dial dated 1921

A top collectors item

Clear 746 telephone

This is not easy to find with clear outside ring and the rear number plate. Not available as far as I know. I have bought two from a collector. Sought after now.

"Bell On Bell Off" Button can be added for an additional £10


A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at £40 click box on check out.